Why My Grandparent is Special

David Place sponsored an essay contest on “Why My Grandparent is Special” in honor of Grandparents Day. Several residents served as judges, and had the difficult task of choosing the best essays from the hundreds received. The judging process involved many smiles, laughter, and tears, as the wide variety of essays touched on a multitude of emotions. Awards were presented to the winners during the Grandparents Day party at David Place on Sunday September 13. Results are as follows: Ages 13-18 1st Jayci Roh, 2nd Libby Aschoff, 3rd Noah Burwell; ages 10-12 1st Maci Dion, 2nd Lydia Ockander, 3rd Courtlyn Keeling; ages 7-9 1st Kaitlyn Palik, 2nd Chloe Zegers, 3rd Brayden Johnson; ages 4-6 1st Sarah Coufal, 2nd Hayden Valentine, 3rd Samantha Chmelka. Residents pictured presenting the awards are on the left, Linda Ward, and on the right, Helen Jochim.

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