David Place Utilizes New Technology to Improve Quality of Life

DAVID CITY NEBRASKA – David Place is proud to have excellent Quality Partners, dedicated to improving products and services for older adults. It’s Never 2 Late (in2L), a Colorado based organization, and one of our Quality Partners is proud to announce preliminary results of a year-long study on effective alternatives to prescription drugs for older adults living with dementia.
David Place believes in the power of adaptive technology. All of our Vetter Senior Living centers have at least one It’s Never 2 Late System available for resident engagement. The in2L touch screen computer system has a variety of content that includes sensory, reminiscence, brain fitness, physical fitness, and music specifically designed to engage seniors with very little prior experience with technology.
“Our mission is to help residents achieve the best quality of life using engaging, personalized technology,” said Jack York, CEO of iN2L. “Residents stay engaged with the world when they have access to communication applications such as email, Skype, interactive music, games, art and an assortment of entertainment content.” York shared the story of a gentleman who spent his days in bed leaving it only for meals. Knowing he was a former pilot, the household coordinators showed him how to use iN2L’s flight simulator. The last four months of his life were spent in the common areas and his family was thrilled to see him out of his bed. “It’s great to see how this tool engages the staff who are closest to the residents,” said Josh Hansen, technology director of Western Home Communities. “They create customized content based on what each resident likes. When someone is having a tough time, the caregiver can redirect the resident instead of relying on medication.”
Our team members have seen firsthand the power of technology in brightening someone’s mood, engaging someone with advancing dementia in meaningful activity, and connecting families separated by distance to each other through SKYPE. Story after story validates the importance of technology in connecting residents to friends, family, and the community.
To view the full press release on this important research study:
http://www.vetterseniorliving.com/elkhorn-ne-adaptive-technology-active-engagement-result-reduction-psychotropic-medications/ For more information about David Place call 402-367-3144.
Our Center is one of 30 owned and/or managed by Vetter Senior Living (VSL) in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Our administrator and team develop plans to continuously improve their services and center with the support from the VSL network. Operating decisions are made locally to assure that we remain responsive to the needs of our residents and community.

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